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How Do You Make New Friends as a Senior?

Make New Friends

What if you are in your late fifties and you move. You were able to switch jobs. Maybe you needed to move for family. But here you are and you need some friends. Where do you begin?

Making new friends is not easy, no matter what age you are. But studies show that having a strong social network improves heath and wellbeing.

Religious Organizations

You might find out what social grouping or service activities are available through your religious organization.


Many public and non-profit organizations need assistance. Perhaps there is something you can try where you might find like-minded folks you can relate to. Volunteer opportunities can also be found online through VolunteerMatch.org

Local Groups You Find Online

Meetup.com is one organization that lists many local groups that people have started. From hiking to crafts, to dancing, yoga, bike riding, or almost anything, you can certainly find something you might try.

Other groups are simply listed by name and you can find them using your computer search engine.

Get a Pet

A pet is your best friend, many say. A loyal companion around the clock, walking your dog can be another way to meet folks. As you walk around in your neighborhood, other dog owners may find themselves pulled toward you by their pets, wanting to come and say hi to your pet. Park areas in the community with spaces set aside for dogs to run could be another good meeting ground.

Social Media

It maybe time to acquire a computer or laptop or tablet device and log in to one of the many social media websites. You may find family and friends to talk with on Facebook, love adding craft photos to Pinterest, or enjoy Google+ for some great conversations or live hangouts with people of all interests from around the world.

Change is difficult. It is also an opportunity to make new habits, meet new people and find new sides of yourself to explore. A doorway is often a door to something better, not just a closed door to the past.


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