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Trouble Sleeping? Find The Cause in the Food You Ate

Stop These 90 Minutes Before Bed

Celery, Watermelon, Cucumbers
Celery is great but you do want to avoid frequent trips to the restroom. High water content foods like celery, watermelon and cucumbers are natural diuretics.

Stop These 3 Hours Before Bed

Cheese Pizza and Fatty Foods
Order the pizza, eat, and roll over to sleep? No, this is not a good idea. Cheese pizza is high in fat. Food high in fat takes longer for the body to digest. The digestive discomfort interferes with sleep.

Spicy Tacos
Want some heavenly heartburn? Pour a little hot sauce on your taco, but not within three hours of bedtime.

Steak is slow to digest. High protein foods do not belong in the bedroom. These foods are better for lunchtime instead.

Alcohol can make you drowsy, but it disrupts rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Lack of quality REM sleep can lead to declines in memory, concentration and motor skills. Evening cocktails or wine are better 2-4 hours before bedtime.

Stop This Goodie 4-6 Hours Before bed

Dark Chocolate
Your heart healthy small piece of dark chocolate contains caffeine. If you are caffeine-sensitive then you may be counting a lot of sheep rather than snoozing peacefully. Avoid the sweet dark nibbling on dark chocolate for 4 to 6 hours before sleeping.

Not Good After Dinner Snacks

Tomatoes, Soy Sauce, Eggplant, Red Wine, Aged Cheese
Tyramine-rich foods "trigger the brain to release norepinephrine, a stimulant that boosts brain activity and delays sleep." Avoid eating this list of foods after dinner.

Have These for Lunch Not Dinner

Black Bean Chili
Sabotage your sleep with stomach-rumbling gas pains? If you crave a big bowl of chili, eat it for lunch.

Slow-to-digest fiber will keep your body working hard throughout the evening. Though packed with nutrition, Broccoli also contains an indigestible sugar that will produce uncomfortable gas. Eat broccoli for lunch instead.

Sleep patterns change as we age. We have more difficulty falling asleep than we did when we were young. Quality sleep is so important for physical health and mental well-being. For more information on common causes for sleep disturbance, you can purchase the sixth book in our award-winning senior wellness book series, The Senior Sleep Solution. The strategies presented in The Senior Sleep Solution are based on well-researched and easily applied methods and include specific steps for seniors with dementia and various sleep disorders.

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The Balanced Care Methodâ„¢, exclusive to Home Care Assistance, is based on the scientifically studied lifestyle choices of the longest and healthiest living population on earth: the seniors of the Okinawa region of Japan. Life spans of over 100 years are not unusual in Okinawa.

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