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Accept Life Change & Build New Goals

changing tracks

You have had goals for your life. Work goals. Money goals. Family goals. Educational goals. We all have goals. Many goals are a natural part of your active path of building your life during your working and family growth years. One goal may have been to find your most successful profession, decide what you want to achieve in your profession, and take the steps to do it. Finding a way to work in professional skill areas you enjoy is often that next step after starting your career and learning the ropes.

You may have goals that include the number of children you want to have and managing their education. Perhaps you have been consumed by helping your children get into good colleges and have a good start in life for themselves.

We are building and building, steadily or urgently, all of our active lives. The goal of retirement sits there on top of that hill. You have thought about what you want to do with your retirement and worked hard to build it. You have saved, invested, scrimped toward a goal.

Now you are there. Retirement year. What if a physical injury pre-empted retirement for you? Maybe an illness took out your energy, unexpectedly, right after you retired. Maybe you have lost a key person in your life. All the goals and dreams are there, but you can't proceed forward to fulfill them now. What do you do to avoid sinking into the depths of lost possibilities?

Adjust Your Vision

This is not about going to an eye doctor. Accepting change is not easy. It takes vision to see a new pot of gold, a new sunshiny horizon without the person or finances or physical abilities you thought you would have. Can you imagine happiness in other scenarios?

Vision Activity: A creative idea generating activity could be triggered by a visit to a local magazine stand. Select a few fantasy options such as sports or vacation sites or hobbies. Purchase a few and go home alone or with others and make a vision board. Trigger new dreams. Leaf through the magazines and cut out any pictures that trigger a smile in your heart. Paste then on a poster board and paint for yourself new images of a future you would enjoy.

Find a New Purpose

Where do you begin to list new goals? How do you adjust your desires to your new ability level? Redefine success based on what you have and can achieve rather than a situation that may now be impossible for you. Rescale the amount you can do in a day with joy and peace. Identify alternatives for places to be, types of play, groups of people.

Hour-by-Hour Activity: Take 24 small pieces of paper and write the hours of the day, one hour on each paper. Then without reference to any other thoughts, take each hour and brainstorm all possible activities you can think of that could be done in that hour of the day by anyone. After you have completed notes on all 24 scraps of paper, then look at them. Do they suggest anything new such as bird watching at dawn, followed by a swim at the health club, and movie watching in the hazy hours of the afternoon, and a chess club meeting before dinner.

Developed Refined Goals

The big goals you have had were likely based on presumptions of possible achievements and abilities and finances. Sit down with the realities and list all the things you now can do or learn to do. List the things you can do with enjoyment in a day or a week. Identify things that are now fun for you; perhaps some were not of interest to you before. Reset your goals specifically to your new likes, skills, ability levels, and affordability. Then make a plan for the order, the frequency, and the steps you will take to address each goal. Previously these were dreams. Now they are your life. You waited for this moment. Take action.

A Refining Activity: List out the various goals you have had throughout your life. Then take each one and identify anything you can do now to reach that goal. This is the bucket list. But, specify the details, how, when, where, and with whom.

Take Time for Your Health

In your active work years, taking the time to really relax and exercise was barely possible with all the demands on your time. Now, there may be forty hours to add in these activities you did not have before. Start on one.

Healthy Friends Activity: Find someone to walk with. Then talk about other activities you like and make a plan to do one. Add another friend. The group will grow and you may build new groups for each new activity you try.

New Social Occasions

If your social occasions were built around lunch hours, dinner out, weekend trips, these will likely change as well. Planning for afternoon activities with others may be a new skill and open new doors of possibilities. If your work friends are still working, you may need to find new groups of people to meet. So many new social opportunities exist today that were just not available before. Look online for all your various interests. You can find a new group to try out. And if you feel alone, try something small and simple to start.

Local Offerings Activity: Pull out the local area magazine. Turn on your web device. Look for "Meetup" groups in your area. Try one. Try one with a friend.

Smiling and Laughter

You have time for these now. The pressure has subsided. You can actually define success based on times to laugh and play with others. Even better, the joy of serving others with your newly available time can be a peace to your heart unlike any other.

Serving Activity: Meet with folks in your religious group, or other social group. Identify populations in need in your area. List the opportunities to serve. Then as a small group, try out one together. Possibilities could include a street or road "cleanup", building a small playground, helping to find homes for abandoned pets, teaching folks to read, and so many more. Smile together with others as you are helping them.




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