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Train Your Brain. Vacations Enhance Your
Decision-Making Skills

Vacations for the BrainWhen you remove yourself from the normal routine, your brain is called upon to think differently. Much of our normal day may be routine and almost automatic as we take on our various tasks through the day. As soon as we break the routine we ask more of our brains.

Whether you are older, in your 80s or younger, new situations cause you to think differently.

The Vacation Setting

Vacation is meant, ideally, for relaxation. But this is not always the rule, nor is it the main benefit. Changing your routine means that you need to resolve new solutions for everything from clothing to mealtime. If, indeed, you have put the office behind you and do not work or live on your phone the entire vacation time, your mind literally needs to think of other things to do. When you clear your mind, inviting it to new tasks, this provides you opportunities to gain a more productive decision making process. Out of the box literally means out of the box. Out on the beach, in the sand, touring a new countryside, shopping in new venues all call upon your mind to think differently. It trains the brain.

The New Perspective

There are many ways to gain a new perspective. One of them is seeing your home and routine from another perspective, from an unscheduled day perhaps. Another is to look at ideas from another's perspective. Calling up on friends and family to provide advice can give you a new perspective on any situation. At times they will validate your opinion, but when they don't, this invites you to stretch and to reinvent your own perspective. It trains the brain.

The New Understanding

Adam Galinsky, a professor with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, says that his studies have shown people who study abroad have a better understanding of themselves. Noticing new surroundings, noticing differences, noticing cultural changes do enable you to gain more of an understanding about yourself as well as others. Whether you are in your golden years or in your youth, stretch your brain and invigorate your thinking process. Not only can it give you a new understanding about why you are alive, it can enhance your excitement about living.

If you don't have the time or money to travel abroad, travel around your country, or travel via the internet. Either way, take a break, train your brain.

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