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Posted here are articles of value to our care families, those caring for the elderly as well as health care patients of all types. We are happy to share the latest news and great informative ideas.

Change Your Brain FunctionChange Your Brain Health Early,
in Your 40s

Dannger of Sitting 9 hours a dayDo You Still Spend More than 9 Hours
a Day Sitting?

Brain Health CareTake Control of Your Brain Health in the New Year

Aging issues ideasFor the Aging Issues You
Can't Prevent

Pumpkin HealthPumpkin Health Perks!
Golden Beauties!

Breast Cancer AwarenessWhat Did You Learn From Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Granting WishesHomecare Assistance Is
Granting Wishes

Nest EggCould Your Nest Egg turn into
a Goose Egg?

Retirement ComfortOnly 9% Expect to Live Comfortably
in Retirement

Make New FriendsHow Do You Make
New Friends as a Senior?

Depression & DementiaDepression & Dementia, Newly
Discovered Connection

Protect Your SkinCall to Action to Prevent
Skin Cancer

Summer BeachballDo You Have the Summer

Sleepy CatHow Badly Do You Want to
Get to Sleep?

Food RemediesFood Remedies for Aches
and Pains

Vision CareIgnoring Your Vision Warning Signs?

Memory ProblemsRats Can Have Memory Problems
and So Can You

Pesticide SprayingAre You Eating Pesticide Contaminated
Fruits and Veggies?

Do You Know Parkinson’s?

Trouble Sleeping? Find The Cause
in the Food You Ate

Walking Fitness MonitorSelf-Monitor Your Own Way
to Fitness

Accept Life Change & Build
New Goals

Home from the HospitalHome from the Hospital! Will you be one
of the 20% to go back?

Eat Your Way to Lower
Blood Pressure

Live-in CaregiversWhat Does a Live-in Caregiver
Actually Do?

Your MemoryQuestioning Your Own Memory
These Days?

Caregiver BurnoutAre You Caring for Yourself While You Care
for Someone Else?

Did you play music?Did you play music?
It could help with Dementia

World Osteoporosis DayWorld Osteoporosis Day
— October 20, 2013

Helping a Family MemberEmotional Challenges of Helping
a Family Member in Need

TED Talk on Parkinsons DiagnosisEarlier Parkinson’s Diagnosis
On The Horizon

Wouldn't you like to have
more new friends?

Super FoodsHave 7-a-Day for Life

Mother and Daughter Homecare ChecklistChecking Up on Home Care Agencies
— a Checklist for you

Medicare’s 48th

Eye Doctor Checkups for SeniorsHave You Gotten Your Eyes
Checked Lately?

Sleep for SeniorsSenior Sleep Solutions Can Help You Rest
and Relax

Home Care After Hospital Takes a VillageIt Takes a Village . . .
whether old or young

Home Care After a Sudden HospitalizationHome Care After a Sudden

100 Years Strong:
The Fight Against Cancer

America’s Health Rankings Senior Report for North Carolina

Vacations for the BrainTrain Your Brain. Vacations Enhance
Your Decision-Making Skills

Stroke — Know the
Warning Signs

Age Related Loss of Senses TreatBe Sensible About Age-Related
Loss of Senses

In Home Care Can Be an Enormous Help.
Learn Ways that You Can Afford it!

Brain and Dementia RiskKeep Your Brain Healthy,
Lower Your Dementia Risk

Combination of Obesity with Other Factors
Creates Greater Risk

Care in Home: Saving Seniors
from Financial Exploitation

Vibrantly Colored Foods Help Lower the Risk
of Heart disease

Drinking Alcohol and Increased
Dementia Risk

What Really Makes People Happy?
Friends? Health? Pets?

Do You Want a Dream Home
or Nursing Home?

Can You Guess if You Will Live
to 100?

Play Video Games to Slow Down
Elderly Mental Decline

Do Older People Look at Happiness

How to Help Your Favorite Senior
Surf the Web

The Obese, the Depressed, and the
Caregivers, Oh My

Shadow a Professional Caregiver to Bring
Back the Happiness

Whether or Not to Train Your Elderly Parent
to Use the Internet

5 Tips for Unselfish Listening . . .
essential for in home caregivers

How to Be “Present” for those who are
Elderly or Sick

“Home Care for the Holidays . . .
and Beyond”

Hospitals are Lonely Places — How a Sitter
Would Help You

How Many Ways Can You
Avoid Sitting?

Are You Available, Accessible
and Approachable?

How to Answer Questions When You Have
No Answers

Should You Criticize When Talking with
the Elderly or Chronically Ill

The Number One Killer of the Elderly
is Falling

When is it the Right Time to
Stop Driving?

Six Super Snacks for Seniors!
“Life is just a bowl of Cherries”

Have You Cared for Your Elderly Parent's 
Water Today?

Hydration is Key for
Elderly Care

"There is No Place Like Home"
except an ADU?

United States of Aging Survey
and Caregiving

Skilled non-Medical Hourly and Daily Home Care For Elderly & Senior Adults

Balanced Care Method

Learn about our Balanced Care Method

The Balanced Care Method™, exclusive to Home Care Assistance, is based on the scientifically studied lifestyle choices of the longest and healthiest living population on earth: the seniors of the Okinawa region of Japan. Life spans of over 100 years are not unusual in Okinawa.

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