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Can You Laugh to Avoid the Risk of Dementia?

Can You Laugh to Avoid the Risk of Dementia?

Have a positive attitude toward life and use laughter to improve your brain health.

The New York Times reported on old masters at the top of their game. One of the people featured was Ginette Bedard from Queens, New York because she ran a marathon of 26 miles at age 82! That was her 12th consecutive New York City Marathon. Her first was at age 69. She said, “…I think I was 72 when I beat the world record for my age group.” She says she thinks of her past, childhood in France, or everything, her past job, current events. She plans to keep running marathons until destiny takes her away.

That’s a positive attitude about life. Your outlook on aging can impact your brain health. “What we think impacts how we feel physically and emotionally.” — from Psychology Today.

A Yale University study found that, “engaging in mentally stimulating activities such as reading, writing and playing games can improve brain health.” Why not work on this to reduce your risk of dementia?  “From their control group of 4,765 people with an average age of 72, those who carried a gene variant linked to dementia — but also had positive attitudes about aging — were 50% less likely to develop the disorder.” The way we face our age seems to make the difference. This is a reminder to enjoy life. It will help you be healthier and lead a more fulfilling life.

Realistically, how many of us can run marathons? It takes real motivation to train every day for such a feat. Here are other tips for leading a more positive life. “The secret to changing your life with a resolution is to keep it simple and make it tangible.”


Step One — Let the sunshine in!

Let the sunshine in!

Surround your life with people who bring you sunshine and positivity. Since good spirits spread easily, being with others who believe in similar goals or have a good outlook can help you become more positive yourself.

Step Two — Smile More

Smile More

Instead of complaining when the weather is cold, or the lines are long, or the traffic moves slow, be more like the positive person you would like to be around. Others will enjoy being with you more. You will enjoy being with yourself more.

Step Three — Set a Tone of Joy for your Wake Up Routine

Set a Tone of Joy for your Wake Up Routine

The morning may not be the easy part of the day for you, but how you wake up can set a happier tone. Could you smell a flower or even look at one? If you run or jog, perhaps a pleasant conversation first would help. Eating a good breakfast or taking time to relax and clear your head can help. Be sure you are ready for anything the news holds before you dive into the morning paper or news broadcast. Perhaps you can wait for later for that.

Step Four — Humor Yourself with Good Humor

Humor Yourself with Good Humor

Cats can show us how to relax and just smile. A pet, or a funny movie, or your grandchildren are often easy ways to just help us laugh and be silly. Laughing is contagious too. Try it together with others as often as possible.

Step Five — Set a Goal for Yourself

Set a Goal for Yourself

Whether you do it with others or alone, accomplishing a simple goal you set out to do, can help your outlook be more positive. Make a plan. Stick to it. Feel the joy of that accomplishment.

Add some simple and tangible happiness moments to your life. Perhaps they can also add happy healthy years for you as well.  Based on Homecare Assistance.


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