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Make Better Health Decisions to Bring You Happiness

Health Decisions That Bring You Happiness

Home Care Assistance believes that empowering you to be proactive and informed when it comes to your health will lead you to make better health decisions and research has proven it.

“To truly fulfill our mission to change the way the world ages, it’s important to not only educate our staff and clients on healthy aging and wellness, but also provide this knowledge to our communities.”— Jaleh Neshat, CEO and owner of Home Care Assistance of Raleigh and Wilmington

Balanced Care Basics

Based on scientific studies of the world’s most extraordinarily long-lived elders in the Okinawa region of Japan, the Balanced Care Method™ was created by Home Care Assistance to capture the five behaviors linked with healthy longevity: 

  • 1. Healthy diet
  • 2. Physical exercise
  • 3. Active social ties
  • 4. Mental stimulation
  • 5. A sense of purpose and calm

Healthy Diet

To promote a healthy diet, caregivers are trained on healthy meal preparation through the company’s own Home Care Assistance University. To ensure you get the best meals possible, Home Care Assistance has published its own cookbook, from which such great healthy recipes like “fried chicken” baked with a corn flake crust could even satisfy KFC’s’ own Colonel Sanders.

Physical Activity

Our caregivers are also trained to promote physical activity with their clients, tailored to the client’s ability and preference. Consistent exercise has been shown to delay memory loss, slow cognitive decline and muscle atrophy, as well as boost mood and mental wellbeing. Activities such as walks, trips out into the client’s community, chair exercises and more have proven that Home Care Assistance clients tend to not only maintain their physical status, but even improve and thrive through the program.

“We have been known to have clients who have done so well through the Balanced Care Method,™ that their need for care actually diminished,” Neshat said. “Nothing makes us happier than to see a client regain some of their independence.”

Care Plans for Your Interests

Individualized care plans are created for every client, focusing on what the client enjoys, their personalities and life history. For a client who loves music and being part of a community, a care plan might include participation in a senior choir, singing favorite songs at home, listening to music or creating his or her own music if possible. For a client who is a history buff and served in the military, a care plan may focus on museum outings, reading books on history and spending time looking at scrapbooks and memorabilia that would be meaningful to them.

Research Based Approach

The Balanced Care Method™ is unlike any other care program because of its tailored and researched-based approach to longevity. The attention paid to a client’s overall wellbeing and happiness continues to show encouraging results.

“Both quality of life and quality of care are very important to us and the Balanced Care Method™ brings both,” Neshat said. “We are raising the bar in the industry for providing such individualized care and will accept nothing less for our clients.”

For more information on Home Care Assistance’s Balanced Care Method™ and our expertly trained caregivers, please visit HomeCareRaleighNC.com or call 919-844-9898.


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Balanced Care Method

Learn about our Balanced Care Method

The Balanced Care Method™, exclusive to Home Care Assistance, is based on the scientifically studied lifestyle choices of the longest and healthiest living population on earth: the seniors of the Okinawa region of Japan. Life spans of over 100 years are not unusual in Okinawa.

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