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Start Small and You Can Find the Time for Exercise


Have you tried to start a new exercise plan with intensity?

When we decide to make a change in our lives and add more exercise, we often begin strong and then give up. Too much too soon is an easy way to lead to injury and burnout. If you are coming from a previously inactive schedule, try to refrain from overdoing your exercise. Start slowly and stretch before and after any exercise plan.

Isn't it easier to start with a five or ten minute plan?

What about starting out with a five- or ten-minute walk? You can add five minutes at a time as the days and weeks go by and you feel more comfortable. Small increases are so much easier than starting at full throttle. A 12-week walking program has been effective for both men and women, and can lead to a trimmer waistline, increased energy, healthier blood pressure levels. Give yourself the gift of an overall feeling of wellbeing by starting out small.

Can you make it fun with virtual home fitness games?

There are many active play games like Wii Fit and others. People really have fun with active exercise play in these games. Do you think you would look forward more to a fun exercise game each day? When you look forward it, you are actually more likely to stick with a workout routine consistently.

Change it up, from hard to easy on different days.

Try a 20-minute workout one day and a longer one another day. When you change it from one day to the next, or plan several easier days during a week, it is easier to keep a schedule. The long workouts don't always fit your everyday life.

We all have ten minutes . . . you can find it!

Can you really imagine a day when you don't have ten minutes for your health? Plan some 10-minute workouts just for those days when you don't think you have time. You can also do a 30-minute workout by doing three 10-minute workouts spaced during the day. Did you know that shorter workouts with higher intensity may be very effective at improving health?

Could you dance your way to health?

Try aerobics. Try dance-exercise. Mix up your exercise plans to make them fun. You can find several different types of exercise or classes you enjoy. Alternating them can give you a plan you really love and will sustain. Chose class you really enjoy to give you confidence to succeed and stay committed.

Always ask your physician first.

Your physician or physical therapist will know the best ways to plan a safe exercise regimen for you that will not result in injury.

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