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Myths About Aging Need to be Exposed

Exposing Myths About AgingAs people start to move a little slower, take a while in recollecting their thoughts, and watch technology pass them by, are we really bound by these myths? Here are some rewritten "myths" to replace the old ones.

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tweets

Time to stop believing old lines like “You can't teach an old dog new tricks.” Older adults tend to have high levels of mental flexibility. For example, Twitter use for people ages 50-64 has doubled since 2010. If you don’t “Tweet” you might know someone that does.

The Family That Plays Together Stays Sharp Together

Your physical and mental facilities decline with age. Healthy lifestyle habits can slow this process down. Playing puzzles helps to maintain and improve cognitive skills. But stereotypical negative comments about mental slowness do tend to slow us down if we hear and believe them. Some researchers call it the placebo effect — if you think you are slow and deteriorating then you do. What people think may effect their physical abilities. Play. Move. Do. Celebrate. Don’t let your mind be fooled by all the old lines.

“Only the Lonely” Was Just a Teenage Song Verse

The truth about loneliness is that more young people think the older folks are lonely. Elderly people usually have close contact with family and friends. It is more often the younger folks who just claim that the elderly are lonely. The elderly people know the truth, and they are just not that lonely.

Bend Your Mind and Control Old Stereotypes

When people attribute the behavior of a few individuals to an entire age group, it is hurtful. These negative thoughts going around aging could have actual adverse effects. Research shows that positive thoughts can have beneficial effects. We feel that it is time to change the way the world ages. We do this through community education on topics such as aging, quality of life and wellness information. It is time to dispel these old myths and educate ourselves to the positive reality.

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Balanced Care Method

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The Balanced Care Method™, exclusive to Home Care Assistance, is based on the scientifically studied lifestyle choices of the longest and healthiest living population on earth: the seniors of the Okinawa region of Japan. Life spans of over 100 years are not unusual in Okinawa.

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