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Care of the Elderly

Shared here are our articles about various aspects of care for elderly parents and loved ones. Can you find ways to make the simple moments in life special?

You Just Got Mom Back HomeYou Just Got Mom Home
You Want Her to Stay Healthy

Health Decisions That Bring You HappinessMake Better Health Decisions to
Bring You Happiness

Longevity Boosting SecretsFour Longevity Boosting Secrets

Milk for GlutathioneDoes Milk Really Do a Body Good?

Stroke Parent CareCaring for Your Parent
After a Stroke

Welcome Home From the HospitalYou Don't Really Want to Go Back to the Hospital!

Glaucoma WarningDo You Have Any New Glaucoma
Warning Signs?

Loving Care for ParentLoving Care for Your Alzheimer's Parent or Spouse

Sleep and RelaxationSleep and Relaxation Make Your Holidays More Pleasant

Make a Memory BankHave You Made Your
Memory Bank?

When to Stop DrivingIs It Time to Turn in Your Car Keys? When Should You Stop Driving?

Live LongerWill You Live to 100? Is this the Era of Longevity?

Honor Living LegendsHow Do You Honor Your Beloved Senior Parents and Friends?

Losing Language? Recover ClosenessLosing Language? Recover Closeness: Communicate with All the Senses

Ba;ance40-70% of Caregivers Experience Symptoms of Depression

Times Are Changing Can You Keep UpTimes Are Changing Fast — Can You Keep Up?

Parent Staying at HomeThe Family Need We Never
Want To Talk About

WalkingStay Energized During Long Days
as a Caregiver

Old MakeupMoldy Crusty Items
to Remove Now

DementiaDementia Has Received a
New Name!

ExerciseStart Small and You Can Find
the Time for Exercise

Healthy AgingWhat Do The Japanese Know About
Healthy Aging?

Drug MisuseDoes Your Elderly Parent Have New Signs
of Drug Misuse?

Tax DependentsCan You Claim Your Parent
as a Dependent?

Meaning and Contentment in Later LifeMeaning and Contentment
in Later Life

Creative Approaches to Dementia
— New Book

Elderly Home Safety6 Ideas for Elderly Home Safety

Cognitive TherapeuticsHave You Ever Heard of Cognitive

Home and FamilyDo You Really Want Your Parents
in a Nursing Home?

Are You One of the 44 Million Adults
Caring for an Older Person?

Caring for the ElderlyAre We a Caring Population?

Elderly ParentIs Your Older Parent Home Alone for
the Holidays?

Bucket ListWhat’s on Your Bucket List?

Exposing Myths About AgingMyths About Aging
Need to be Exposed

Help Your Family Members with Alzheimer’s
Prepare for Approaching Holidays

Grow Old at HomeWould You Rather Grow Old at
Home Sweet Home?

Being a Caregiver is Draining
and Stressful, But Wonderful

8 Challenges to Keep
You Smiling

Meditate to Stop the Decline
of Your Grey Matter

Eloquent Elderly Can Be Healthier
by Reading and Writing

Extreme Physical Exercise for Older AdultsCan Older Adults Do 
Extreme Physical Exercise

Home Care for Falling ElderlyHome Alone for the Elderly: Falls, Fires, Filling Pillboxes, and Finding Your Way Home

Heat Safety for Older AdultsHeat Safety for Older Adults in
High Temperatures

Walking for Seior Health New Zealand’s “Green Prescription” for
Physical Activity works for Seniors

Green Energy TipsHow Green Are the Older Adults
in Your Family?

Alzheimer's BraceletProtect Your Loved One With An Alzheimer’s Bracelet

Senior Home Care Summer TravelIdeas for Senior Summer Travel
Time to Go Traveling

Elderly Excitement and ActionAccepting Changes — The Only Constant
is Change!

Look Forward to Getting Up!
Do you?

“What big ears you have!”
“The better to hear you with,” said the wolf.

Activities for Loved One with DementiaActivities for a Loved One Experiencing Dementia

Dementia is Not Part of Aging ProcessDementia is Not Part of the Natural Aging Process: Recognize its Signs

When do you take away the car keys?
65? 75? 105?

Body Building for the Elderly?
Squats? Pushups? Balance?

Step Lively — Your Brain and the Rhythm
of Your Steps

Eyesight Gradual Nuisances
Catch the Warning Signs

How do you keep the arts in
your life?

Getting to Sleep for the ElderlyRemember When Reading Was So Exciting You Couldn’t Go to Sleep?

Questions Every Woman Should Ask
About Food

5 Power Punches to Win Against
Winter Colds and Flu

Do You Need to Feel Guilty, Resentful,
Angry or Worried?

Are You Passionate? Do You Have a
Dream to Follow?

Are You In the Sandwich Generation
Without Any Bread?

Once a Week! You only NEED to Exercise
Once a Week!

You Have the Most
Sleep Deprived Profession

Save Your Life By Moving
Around More

Happy and Healthy to 102: Lessons for Living Longer from the Women Who Have Lived the Longest

Learn from the Oldest and Wisest
How to Die Without Regrets

Sing Along to the Oldies to Improve
Your Memory

What to do When Your Parent Refuses to
Take His Medications

Eating Habit Changes for Those 
Who Don’t Want to Change

Improving Sleep Patterns — only 32% over age 50 get a Good Night's Sleep!

44 Million Adult Children Are Caring
for their Parents!

Care of the ElderlyCare of the Elderly: Taking the Journey

Six Chickens and a Brownie:
A Caregiver Story

Are You Feeling Alone? A Caregiver Can Be
Fun to Have as a Companion

The Many Roles a Caregiver Fills in Your Life
A Caregiver Story

Elderly Parent Daily Ice Cream
Lunch Parties

Puzzling Out Some Activity Fun to Help
Provide Balance

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Caregiver
for the Elderly

Skilled non-Medical Hourly and Daily Home Care For Elderly & Senior Adults

Balanced Care Method

Learn about our Balanced Care Method

The Balanced Care Method™, exclusive to Home Care Assistance, is based on the scientifically studied lifestyle choices of the longest and healthiest living population on earth: the seniors of the Okinawa region of Japan. Life spans of over 100 years are not unusual in Okinawa.

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