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Team Training

Home Care Assistance University:
Home Care Assistance University (HCA-U) is an online university that allows our caregivers to receive cutting-edge, high quality education on topics relating to healthy longevity, quality of life and in-home senior care. This transformative e-learning platform aims to deliver training, continuing education and career development skills in an engaging and convenient manner. Because the courses are online, you can take them at your own pace and schedule. Try out a new course soon!


Team Administrators

CEO/Director - Jaleh Neshat

Clinical Director - Mary Jane Wands, RN

Director of Business Development - Sommer Prestianni

Scheduling, Client Care - JoAnn McDaniel

Administrative Assistants/Account Receivable - Carolyn Hawkins


Mary Jane Wands, RN joined our team in February of 2014. She came to us with many years of experience in Nursing. Her heart is in caring for clients who wish to stay in their homes to recover from an injury or have a chronic disabling condition that limits their ability to care for themselves. She has a vast knowledge of what is expected of a home care provider as she worked for the State regulatory entity for over 10 years licensing agencies to provide care and monitoring the delivery of client care.

Mary Jane has been the director of nurses for a home infusion therapy company and worked as a field RN in home health to keep her skills active throughout her career. Personally she has a wonderful gift –her aged Mom is living with her, and reminds her everyday how important it is to have love, compassion and caring knowledge of the needs of the frail and elderly.




Our Team at the Alzheimer's Walk




Comfort Adeleye
Comfort Adeleye has been with Home Care Assistance since 2012. Her name is Comfort and she loves to comfort and help others. She likes to see people smile. Her plan is to stay in health care until she is no longer able to. She is dedicated to helping seniors live longer, happier lives. Her clients praise her go-getter attitude.

Sharon Ashe
Sharon Ashe began working with special needs clients patients. After that, she decided to get her degree in the health field. She kept her CNA license to help pay for her schooling. She is seeking her masters in pastoral care and counseling. She has worked with hospice patients and continues to work with seniors because she enjoys it.

Shawn Cannady really likes working with seniors. The always have needs and often have outlived their families. She wants to continue to go to school to become an LPN. She is a people person and has a lot of patience. Her clients enjoy her wonderful smile and dedication to helping them live longer, happier lives. Shawn has been with us since 2012.

Kendra Coggins discovered the urgent need for dedicated and loving caregivers and decided that it was a great opportunity to serve by helping others live life independently. She enjoys the relationship building. She loves sharing and gaining wisdom from the clients. Kendra is our go-to person for post-surgery transportation clients.

Janice Covington
Janice Covington is originally from New York. She feels like she was born to do this kind of work. She wants to help as many people as possible. Janice gets along with everyone, definitely a people person! All of her clients and their families praise her ability to connect with her clients while being professional. She is truly a caring person who goes out of her way to make sure they are living the best way possible. Janice has been with us since 2010.

Janet Crudup
Janet Crudup has always wanted to work with seniors. She was raised by her grandparents and relates to seniors very well. She also loves to cook, and does not mind sharing her recipes with her clients. Janet has been with the company for over two years. She recently became a grandmother and is very excited by this new role.

Kawanda Davis
Kawanda Davis hopes to become a RN one day. She is a very hardworking young lady. She is very determined and when she sets a goal, she sees it to completion. Kawanda is adored by clients for her calming nature. She comes from a family of caregivers. Her mother and sister work with us as well!

Maria DiCaprio decided to become a CNA three and a half years ago. She says that she has met some wonderful people and has learned a lot about herself in the process. She feels like every day is a new experience and it is never a dull moment. Maria is active with her children’s schools and after school activities. Her clients enjoy her professionalism.

Chanell Dudley is originally from Kansas. She moved to Raleigh to explore new adventures. She inspires to be a physician’s assistant and is currently in school. Chanell has been with our company for two years and has been a great asset. Her clients appreciate her wonderful personality and hard work.

Carey Epps
Carey Epps is passionate about making a difference in someone’s life. She enjoys a good challenge. Carey has only been with us for a year, but she is a great asset to Home Care Assistance. She is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is able to multi-task and handle a lot of demands and not let it stress her. Her clients like that she always greets them with a smile and helps them.

Kristy Fink
Kristy Fink has worked with other age groups but enjoys working with seniors the most. She has a big heart to share with others. She wants to become a nurse practitioner. Kristy is originally from New York and every fall, she heads back on the weekends to help her family’s farm to a big fall festival. Her clients enjoy she companionship and being a wonderful caregiver. Kristy has been with us since 2012.

Vera Fleming
Vera Fleming has been working in the medical field since 1990. She finds it rewarding to work with seniors. She likes to assist seniors to live longer. Vera is caring and understanding to clients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. In her spare time, she likes to garden, and has tropical fish and plants. She has two wonderful daughters and a granddaughter that she enjoys spending time with. Vera has been with Home Care Assistance since 2007.

Christine Goodman loves to help others and working hands on. She would live to further her career and go into nursing. She has been a caregiver since 2002 and it has been a passion of hers for a long time. She wants to continue to help people in the community and in their homes. She enjoy cooking, shopping, being around other people, traveling and being with her family.

Losha Haynes
Losha Haynes loves working with seniors. She feels like there is always a story to be told and a lesson to be learned from our elderly. She is currently pursuing her degree for athletic training and physical therapy. She like to exercise, and is currently training for a triathlon. She is the proud mother of two boys. She has worked for Home Care Assistance since 2008. Her clients pride her on professionalism and dedication to helping them.

Sylvia Hicks
Sylvia Hicks loves working with seniors because they have such wonderful stories and much wisdom to share. She is currently studying for a degree in criminal justice. She graduates in December. Sylvia is adored by her clients because she has a wonderful sense of humor that makes their days fill with joy and laughter. Sylvia has been with Home Care Assistance since February of 2007.

Janette Jordan knows that one day she will be a senior herself. She feels that seniors are great mentors and deserve to be well taken care of. Janette has a compassionate heart and a passion for giving and helping others. She is currently in school, furthering her education. Her clients appreciate her ability to listen to them and giving them someone to talk to while helping them.

Brenda LaRocco
Brenda LaRocco is a native Raleigh resident. She feels like working with seniors is her calling and passion. She gets along very well with elderly and she plans on continuing to work as a caregiver for as long as possible. Her clients love that she will read to them and help them go on outings or even join them on family vacations because they wouldn’t be able to go without and aide.

Delta Lawrence plans on staying in the healthcare field as long as possible. She is a very humble person, likes to bake, garden and she crochets. Delta is from Jamaica and has lived in the United States for over 10 years. Delta has a heart of gold. She evens visits her clients after they have left moved on to nursing facilities. Her clients praise her compassion and dedication. She has been with Home Care Assistance for over five years.

Thelma Lynch believes that she connects well with seniors. She would like to retire in the healthcare field. She also like to exercise with her seniors to help them get in better health and live a longer life. Her client’s family rave about her dedication to them, as she has been their caregiver for many years.

Tiffany Poole
Tiffany Poole has been working with seniors since high school. She believes that she is a natural caregiver helping her family and friends. In Tiffany’s eyes, becoming a caregiver gave her a sense of satisfaction in knowing that she is giving back to an individual on a personal level. She was a medication technician for over eight years at an assisted living facility. In 2010, she moved to Raleigh to find new opportunities and started working for Home Care Assistance. Her clients and their families find that Tiffany is a calming and caring person, always helping them find peace of mind during difficult time. She is very level headed and well-respected by her peers.

Theresa Rudolph
Theresa Rudolph cared for her parents and sadly, she recently lost her father. She feels like elderly have so much to teach and they have wonderful stories to tell. She is currently attending Vance-Granville Community College to pursue a nursing degree. Theresa has been with us since 2012. Her clients praise her understanding and dedicated heart.

Alieu Sanneh
Alieu Sanneh enjoys working with others. He moved to the United States from West Africa. He enjoys doing hands on care and helping seniors. He has two beautiful daughters whom he loves and adores. One interesting fact about Alieu is that he’s a vegan. His clients love his calming voice and demeanor. It keeps them at ease.

Michelle Turner
Michelle Turner enjoys working with seniors, feels that they have a lot of wisdom to share. Has a MBA with a concentration on health care management but loves to work one on one with clients, it’s where her heart is. Michelle has a heart of gold and her clients, and co-workers, really appreciate it. In her spare time, she volunteers at the VA to help more seniors. She also like to spend time with her dog, Clyde.

Brenda Waddell started her career in 1985 while raising her son and going to school. She loves taking care of the elderly. It was Brenda’s sister who encouraged her to take the class. Brenda has been with Home Care Assistance for several years now. Her clients appreciates her professionalism and her hard work.

Thomasina Williams
Thomasina Williams started in the healthcare field thirteen years ago. She has worked in home settings as well as skilled facility and hospital. Over the past two years, she has ventured out into volunteering in the community and also became a CPR instructor just a few months ago. Though Thomasina is new to Home Care Assistance, we have enjoyed her extensive knowledge and wonderful spirit and professionalism.

Alisa Yarborough is pursuing her degree in surgical technology. She truly enjoys working with seniors. In her spare time, she love to bowl, sing and dance. Has been with our company for several years, and has been a great team player with Home Care Assistance. Her clients have always commented on her humor, which can really lighten their spirits.



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